About Us

China-USA Health Project is made up of a group of health care workers who share a passion for helping the beautiful people of China live longer and healthier lives.

Our Aim and Mission

Our aim is to decrease smoking related disease and death. Our mission is to teach doctors and health care workers to be better leaders and empower them to join the fight against smoking.

Our Strategy

We have created the New Leadership Club for medical students, doctors and health care workers. Club members receive bi-monthly emailed newsletter articles to build their leadership skills and encourage them to use their influence to change the culture of smoking. Club members are encouraged to share our leadership training with friends and colleagues. Even if they do not use their leadership skills to fight smoking, club members will learn to be more effective health care providers.

Our Success

Since 1991, China-USA Health Project has worked with some of China's top medical schools:

  • Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University
  • Beijing Medical College of Peking University
  • Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

With our help and encouragement, these prestigious institutions have graduated almost entire classes of non-smoking doctors. Their enthusiastic young health care workers have been encouraged to lead the way in changing the pro-smoking culture. Our organization successfully nominated each of these universities to receive the prestigious Goethe Award from the German Goethe Endowment for Non-smoking. For the first time in history this award was given consecutively to 3 universities within the same country (1997, 1998, 1999).

Today, we continue to collaborate with the nation's top medical schools. Our Leadership Club encourages medical students, doctors and health care workers to lead in the fight against smoking.