China's Smoking Problem

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As a doctor or health care worker, you can help people understand the health risks of smoking. After gaining their trust, you can gently encourage them to quit. Together we can make a change in the culture of smoking in China.

About one million people in China die of smoking-related diseases every year.

The high smoking rate of Chinese is directly caused by the high smoking rate among health professionals. (–Dr Wang Longde, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Health, China)

The health community plays a key role in the global effort to fight this epidemic. (–Lee Jong-Wook, Director-General, World Health Organization)

Problem Doctor

Health professionals need to learn the skills to help people stop smoking. They need to lead by example and quit tobacco use themselves. (–Lee, ibid.)

Health professionals should do more work in informing people of the harmfulness of smoking and help them quit smoking. (–Han Qide, Vice-Chairman, Standing Committee, National People's Congress)

Health workers are trusted by smoking patients to help them quit smoking.

Health workers need to quit tobacco use. They are the health models for the public to lead a healthy life.

Other than knowing about lung cancer, about 95% of interviewed doctors knew little about the relationship between smoking and the 25 kinds of smoking-related diseases. (–Jing Yuan, Director, Tobacco Control Department, China CDC)

A recent survey showed that only 9% of doctors in Shanghai advised their smoking patients to give up tobacco use or helped them with a plan to stop.

More than 97 percent of doctors in China have never prescribed drugs to help their patients stop smoking. (–Jiang, ibid.)

Even brief advice from health workers to smokers can decrease the rate of smoking by 30%.